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Friday, September 12, 2003
Jen is continuing the question meme theme, and here are "my" questions:

1.) I know that you're a computer geek because you work for the same company as my mommy. In college, why did you choose computer science over any other discipline?
It was really the only thing that interested me. I'd done pretty well in school - we learned Basic on old Apple IIe machines, and then Pascal in the AP class. I'd also already done some actual programming work for a local tax preparer's company - ironically, preparing their forms for printing tax forms out, long before the success of Quicken and such now. What do I do now? I work on print, forms for insurance companies. Go figure. Anyway, I was fairly balanced, with high SATs in math and in verbal - and CompSci seemed like a way to do both, have opps to write (loved my technical writing classes) and still work through the logic puzzles of real-life programming.

2.) What is your impression of what I would be like in real life if you were to meet me?
Is that in invitation? Who's buying the coffee? Meeting you would be different than getting to know you, I'm sure. You're probably very nice and considerate of others, but lots of folks are like that on first impressions. Getting to know you, through the blog at least, has revealed a sense of humor that would probably be more subdued in person. But it also wouldn't take very long to get you into a deep discussion on politics or Christianity. And it wouldn't take me long to figure out your hot button - what was that nickname you dislike so vehemently again?

3.) Have you been to a liturgical church? If you have, what were your impressions? If you haven't, what do you think the experience would do for your spiritual life?
No, I haven't - but only because I haven't, not for any other reason of style and taste. Anywhere I go, I sense something deeper - even my old dead baptist church where nobody's changed their minds or their pew seats in decades has a life about it when I go in seeking Jesus and not looking down my nose. I'd like to experience the ritual and tradition without being held back, you know? And I'd like to be able to incorporate various high church into our more laid back style.

4.) What are your favorite hymns and why?
"Have Thine Own Way" was always #169 in the old baptist hymnal, and we sang it over and over and over again during invitation time. "Wonderful Cross" by Chris Tomlin combines old and new very well, plus I can play it on the guitar (Isaac Watts' "When I Survey..." is so rich). We do alot of praise choruses mostly, but they can get tired after awhile. New arrangements of old favorites are usually thrown in the break that cycle. The problem so much of the time is that our songs today just don't have the depth of feeling that went into the classics...

5.) Describe your perfect cup of coffee.
The one in my hand.
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