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Friday, September 05, 2003
Jeremy's "new and improved and manly friday five":

1.) When do you make your woman clean?
Realizing that only a (1)single guy or (2)soon-to-be single guy would ask this question, or answer this question - I'll pray for you, buddy :)

2.) What chores does she hate to do so much that it makes you smile everytime you see her doing them?
Very very kind of her when she does the dishes - but might be because I haven't done it and she's ticked.

3.) What do you do if she doesnt do her chores in a timely manner?
ooooohh no - Don't go there.

4.) How many times do you have to tell her to do her chores until you bust out the whooping stick?
ooooohh man, you're gonna get it now

5.) are you a male shauvenist?
Apparently not :)....... and check your girl's dictionary next time, ok?
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