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Saturday, September 20, 2003
Newbie to this one - Saturday Scruples:

1. A good friend confesses he's HIV positive. He's terrified to tell his spouse. Do you?
Hmmmm.... no, not at first anyway. I'd want to find out more from him - been cheating? from before he was married? What if I told his wife, and she's forced to confess that it's from her, that she knew she had it. As a "good friend," I'd encourage them both, and help him bring the news out. I wouldn't compromise, my threaten to tell - and in the end it would be him.

2. You need one number to win the jackpot at BINGO. The stranger beside you also needs one number and its been called. Do you tell her?
Yes. No brainer.

3.The taxi driver you get at 2 a.m. is drunk and driving recklessly. After he gets you home shaken but in one piece, do you report him?
After he gets me home? Puh-lease. I'm insisting he stop the car as soon as I find out, and using cellphone to call the big numbers painted on the trunk as he's pulling away and running into a tree.
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