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Tuesday, September 30, 2003
There are a number of "Christian Films" that are out right now. In the past, these movies haven't been able to stand up against the artistic and cinematic ideals of Hollywood, but the gap may be closing. At least, it looks like the stories are more meaningful these days.

* TIME CHANGER - I think we've posted on this one before. It's no longer in theaters, but it's available on VHS and DVD. And with permission from the studio, churches can screen it for their communities. For anyone in Columbia, SC this is your INVITATION to join us at Columbia World Outreach Sunday 10/05 at 5pm - we'll be watching TIME CHANGER, where a man in the late 1800's time-travels into the present 21st century to see how morality has declined in terms of our loosening our dependence on Christ.

* LUTHER - I'm looking forward to seeing this one, perhaps Friday night. It's playing in Columbia at the Columbiana Grande, and I hope it'll still be there for a third week. Anyone else want to go? The reviews I've seen have not been that good - but that's mainly because people have a vision of Martin Luther being more fiery than he's portrayed here. Again, I hope it's decent, and that it shows a man hurting deeply over the convictions that he knows are true.

* THE GOSPEL OF JOHN - I just saw this one for the first time this morning. I don't recognize any of the actors, but Christopher Plummer is narrating - that's got to sound wonderful. Of the four gospels, John is my favorite for just meditating on the interactions with Christ. I really hope this one pulls off something special, that it prepares the way possibly for Mel Gibson's THE PASSION to come out next year.

The screening of TIME CHANGER this week at CWO is open to everyone. There's no charge, but we will be taking up an offering. We'd love to see the house packed out. We're also inviting other churches/groups to participate, not to pull members away, but to spread the word about a film that has really sparked interest and conviction. Let us know if you're coming, how many you plan to bring, etc (email me or phone the church 803.254.1600).
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