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Friday, September 26, 2003
This afternoon has been d-r-a-g-g-i-n-g s-o s-l-o-w. I've got enough work to do to keep me busy, but the clock hands are stuck, aren't they? Since lunch, I've been really busy - but time only flies when you're having fun, I reckon.

I'm looking forward to a quiet little movie night at home this evening (HOLES first, then maybe SLEEPY HOLLOW or GODS & GENERALS with my wife afterwards), followed by a restful and relatively uneventful rest of the weekend. USC plays UT on TV tomorrow night, and I'm teaching for Cleansing Streams before that at church. I'll also make time to get a little work-work done at home, probably while watching more football tomorrow afternoon, or during pro games Sunday.

I also plan to start walking this weekend - just in the neighborhood. Not worrying about power-walking or anything yet, just getting active. Just don't make me take the dawg yet, ok? I'm going to shop around for a small MP3 player, too - keep the tunes going on my morning/evening jaunts.

Still dragging slow this afternoon. Time oozes on.....
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