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Tuesday, September 23, 2003
What makes a good blog entry?

I posted something pretty much off the cuff yesterday, and someone said it was a "great post" (not that I disagree, of course) - and it made me think: what makes a great post? Because I can spend all day on something, picking and choosing the right phrases and metaphors to get a point across, or I can shuffle something out in ten minutes or less - and it's hit or miss whether either of them will get any feedback at all.

Let me say that I'm not writing to get feedback. I love that people read this space, but I'd write if no one else were paying attention at all. And I don't necessarily write to be read - though in the case of this entry, maybe I am, you know? I do know that this is a private/public entity, so I make sure I know what I'm talking about (yeah right), and that I'm not divulging personal stuff that has no business being flung across the blogosphere, and I try not to stand judgmental or preachy. Other than that, I'm an open book, more or less. So when I write, it's usually deeply personal - whether I nurtured it for hours or kicked it out in minutes. And when I write, I enjoy the process as much as the finished product.

I know some posts work and others don't. Some blurbs on news stories are better than page long dissertations on the meaning of life - I know that, too. I know that I've written meaningful pieces that aren't worth their space on the server, and meaningless pieces that are gold if I could find a publisher ;).

Just thinkin', brainstormin', writin', dabblin'..... - peace.
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