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Monday, October 20, 2003
I always try to start the week with a Monday full of panic and stress. That way, it's usually downhill from there, right? NOT. I spent a few hours this afternoon looking for files that should've been in the directory, but weren't in the directory, and needed to be in the directory - only to find that they were there, just with different file names per the customer's needs. Whew... "I'm alright / I'm alright / It only hurts when I breathe" - great line in "Breathe" by Greenwheel.

I'm honestly not looking forward to class tonight, but only because I've got so much to get done once I get home on the documentation I'm working on for the office. But I can hold out - get home, fix a sandwich, turn on MNF and type my evening away with a cup of coffee. I could use a nap, but it would be a waste - I'd still have all that to do, I'd still be tired, and I'd still stay up too late tonight. I just have to remember that this is just Monday, that tomorrow will be one day closer to the weekend and the family returning home. Hoo ha.

One more thing - thanks, if you're reading, for letting me rant and ramble and ruminate. This week, blogging might be the only "deep" conversation I have. I normally chew this stuff up with my wife - just the day-to-day stuff that no one else likes to hear, but that two people share in a way that's meaningful. If you've read this far, you're either (a)oppressively bored, or (b)interested in watching car wrecks, or (c)you're my wife, finding an internet cafe in Orlando. Either way, I appreciate you reading so that I don't appear to be talking to myself... again.
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