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Sunday, October 26, 2003
I just received a fairly disturbing email message to our 1J13 email list (click here for message). It's "disturbing" because it seems like a hoax, but from everything I looked at on the 'net, it might be for real. This person joined the email list today to post that message. But she didn't set herself up to *not* receive messages, so I hope her post generates some feedback and we can help out prayerfully.

Another "disturbing" twist is what's involved. She's pouring her troubles and victimization out to strangers. There's a cycle of downward junk in all of this, and she's at a point where this makes sense. If the message is on the up-and-up, then the "answer" is not to pay her bills. The needed thing is to stop the spiral, to stop the madness, to stop not only th abuse but the environment/atmosphere where abuse can still rise up into her family's life over these years.

It's not that "Jesus is the answer" - but neither is just meeting her immediate financial or physical needs. That's where today's devo from MY UTMOST FOR HIS HIGHEST comes in (Oct 26th entry here). Am I to be motivated by her needs, or am I to be motivated by Christ? And if I'm motivated by Christ, how differently would I then begin to partner with Him in meeting her real needs - not just the surface ones, but the inner healing and peace that's underneath it all?
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