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Saturday, October 11, 2003
I really needed a weekend like this one, with yesterday off with the kids and lots of football today and tomorrow. Went to see GOOD BOY yesterday - well, it wasn't that good. I felt like Kevin Nealon, who played the boy's father in the movie: unfunny and unnecessary. But my kids liked it alright. Looks like I've still got some work to do in the developing-good-taste category of child-rearing. Seriously, it wasn't that bad - just wasn't that good, either.

We're starting a new Bbile study tomorrow morning. It's a 7-part study by Adrian Rogers on Kingdom Authority. I've never been a big fan of his, but I hope the book/discussion will bring out some good stuff the next few weeks.

Tonight, a few folks are coming over for the last installment of Cleansing Streams before the retreat. Small group attending - and out of the seven folks going through the seminar, TWO OF THEM have bailed. One can't get off work and the other doesn't have a job and doesn't feel like she can go. Aaaarrrggghhh. Doesn't anyone listen when I tell them that the enemy will do everything he can to keep us from going? We've been doing this for a few years now, and every time there's someone who falls through the cracks: "I'll go to the retreat next time." I'm proud of one guy going through this time, because in all of the years we've done it, he's going to be the first to actually bail and then follow-through completely.

Meanwhile, I hope to accomplish a few things today:
  • help my wife with the laundry
  • clean up the dining room (our house catch-all)
  • prepare for company tonight (why else clean the dining room?)
  • watch lots of football
  • finish enjoying God by S.J. Hill so I can loan it out tomorrow
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