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Tuesday, October 14, 2003
I wonder if the world would be simpler without computers, without the internet, without email, without blogging. I can stay in contact with just about everyone I know - and not have to speak to them directly. I don't have to touch anyone. I can even do my job from home, not needing to connect to anyone or anything in the office that I can't also do from my kitchen table.

I love to write, but at what cost? I can jot some things down into a program that loads my words onto the world wide web for anyone who's curious to read and ponder on their own. But I've got no accountability beyond my own conscience. I don't have to check my facts, and I don't have to watch out for anyone's feelings or opinions. I can put a link to a place for comments, but even those are unecessary and often go unheeded. I think I'm entering into a conversation. In reality, I'm mouthing off most of the time, and not letting anyone else get any airtime. Think about it: you only get to say something if *I* click on your link - even your reply is up to me, right?

It's dangerous to be the center of my universe. I know how much I know, and it's not much. I don't know exactly how much I don't know, but I estimate that it's a huge portion of all that's know-able. And instead of relying on God, or even on others, I rely on self to sustain me, and then block everyone else out by "talking" to them over the internet. We have fake conversations about meaningless things - and our relationships show the stress and strain, don't they?

Rambling, huh? What's my point? Well, you can reach me 24/7 by cellphone, email or land-line. but you won't reach *me*, the real me, the me that God knows and loves most. You'll reach a hurried me, or a working me, or the masquerading me - these electronic tools of communication allow me to hide behind them, putting forth the best artificial face to interact with you on my terms.

But if you call first, and then come over for coffee... without email (why do we think emotion can be adequately conveyed with smileys?) and without cellphones (can you hear *me* now?), we might get to know one another. With a kitchen table between us instead or cell towers, and with placemats instead of keyboards, and stirring coffee instead of going point-and-click......

At least call first, ok?
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