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Thursday, October 16, 2003
I'm on a butt-kicking chapter in ENJOYING GOD, the book I've been trying to finish this week. Reading at lunch this afternoon, SJ Hill puts something to words that we "know" but don't do very well. We'll never overcome sin by hating sin - the starting point is to be exceedingly satisfied with God. Everything else is counterfeit. I think he quoted John Piper: "Sin is what we do when we're no longer satisfied with God." Wow.

I haven't been like that, and I haven't helped anyone else in that area either. As "head of household" in my family, I'm constantly voting God out (sorry for the BB4 reference!). Or at least I'm putting Him up against something else and then we vote together. Whatever it is, my belief that "I love God" needs to be lived out in reality. Finances. Family. Time management. Work. Ministry.... Wow.

I'm encouraged by that, more than being guilted down in my conscience. I want to finish the book so my wife can take it with her on vacation next week. She's been reading Rick Warren's THE PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE; some of the practicalities in there are good, but this book has the basis for all that: love God more than anything else.

One more thing. He's wrapping up my current chapter with this thought: God wants us to succeed. He tests us for APPROVAL, not for FAILURE. He doesn't dwell on my defeats, only on my victories in Him as I seek to be like Him and satisfied in Him... Wow.

Enough pontificatin'. Time to go and do... and be.
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