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Monday, October 06, 2003
  • Interview: Deepening Our Conversation with God (part 1) - LeadershipJournal.net
  • Interview: Deepening Our Conversation with God (part 2) - LeadershipJournal.net

    Saw these links on an email list today and I wanted to make sure I'd remember to access them when I had time to really read. They point to an interview with Henri Nouwen and Richard Foster, two gentlemen in the faith that have earned my respect and my listening ear. Their thoughts on finding God for those in leadership are so needed in me. I spend too much time chasing after wind... and keep discovering that it's Him I want, Him I need, Him I long to pursue and to catch. And to find that He's chasing me down, too only makes it that much more magical.

    Daydreaming on a wet Monday afternoon... sigh.
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