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Thursday, October 09, 2003
Long day, but at least it's at the end of a short week. Leaving work in about fifteen minutes or so, I'm running by Subway to pick up supper for Pastor and I. Then our weekly Thursday midweek service, followed by a mad dash home to put on a pot of coffee and take in the rest of the USC-Kentucky game on ESPN.

The game starts at 7:30pm, and church won't dismiss 'til around 8:30pm. What would I do if we had a cable modem hooked up to the laptop in the back of the sanctuary? Hmmm............... Dreamin'.

Anyway, short week: the kids are out for teacher conferences tomorrow, so I'll be Mr. Mom and stay home to get some work done in the morning and probably take in a movie tomorrow afternoon. GOOD BOY is opening, but I'm not impressed yet - looks like CATS & DOGS probably did it right and then this one's trying to do the same thing. I didn't think Hollywood did things like that, ripping off a story for profit?

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