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Monday, October 27, 2003
My tummy hurts. After a long week without my family in town, and a wonderful weekend retreat to Atlanta before finally being reuinted - I think I ate poorly and then ate too much. I don't know - something like that. No stress in my life, right? None at all - well, other than getting everyone back to school and work, having a midterm tonight, being challenged to lead in new ways and in new areas. Naah - no stress here.

I'm still pondering the thought of my motivation - someone else's perceived need, or God's command to meet the needs of someone else. In trying my best to meet someone else's need, I run the risk of sentimentality, of losing my focus on God and placing it on myself as I meet their needs from within my own resources. I also risk perpetuating the situation that's fueled the need. In taking matters into my own hands, I've taken them out of God's hand and I've become an obstacle to Him trying to do His work.

On the other hand, if my motivation is Him, I'll be partnering with Him instead of hindering His plans, right?
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