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Wednesday, October 01, 2003
This passage was the Daily Manna in my inbox this morning, and I'm just trying to get my mind around what's being said here:With all of the emphasis on "evangelism" in my world right now, I can feel something like compassion for "those who formerly heard the gospel [and] did not go in" to this sabbath rest.

TODAY. That's the "special day" set aside in the "future" for anyone needing to make things right to do so, for anyone to 'fess up and repent and seek after Christ. Are our churches giving people a false sense of "rest" that doesn't require repentance & obedience? Then TODAY would be the day to get that right... right? How deceived are we when we think we're saved - only to find out that this place of rest isn't open to us, isn't available to us, isn't being prepared for us because we've chosen to continue in lives of disobedience and rebellion?

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