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Monday, October 20, 2003
The trials of a writer. I wrote this post last night, and ended up sending it to the 1J13 email list instead of blogging it. It's more of a journalized-this-is-my-day kind of post, something suited more for this page, I suppose. But when I cut/pasted it to the blog, it just didn't look right, and I was too lazy to hyperlink some of the stuff in there. Anyway, long story short - I sent it to the list. Why? I feel that the email list has lost something, or it's never had something, that the blog has replaced in my life: a place for more intimate and meaningful reflection on life and how it's moving along. I opened it as an "invitation" for others to also just share how their day went, how their weekend was spent.

Someone might write back, or maybe not - and I'm cool with that. But if we were all around a kitchen table at my house, the conversation wouldn't end with one story. That's what I want more of, and what I think will motivate us to new levels as Christians together. The stories of our collective lives will tie us together even more securely, and will speak volumes of Jesus' life in us to those outside the loop.

So do I write to get a response? Do I write with an agenda? I hope not - but at the same time, if there's no response, was it worth writing in the first place. This kind of thing challenges me, encourages me and weighs me down at the same time...
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