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Monday, October 06, 2003
We screened TIMECHANGER last night at CWO. I have to admit, cynic that I am, that I wasn't expecting much. Once I got past the uncanny resemblance of the main character to Will Ferrell :), I liked it. I'm not much on agenda movies, and some of the fringe additions on the rapture and the last days weren't necessary for me. But the premise really rocked me last night: We cannot teach the morality & teachings of Christ without the name of Christ. Morality apart from Christ is a farce. If there is no standard, no "thus saith the Lord" in there somewhere, then morality becomes situational, ambiguious and opinion/culture-driven. And I think that fact is driven home in the thought that many of those around us "know God", but very few have an understanding of Jesus and who He is. We've said don't steal, don't gossip, don't murder, etc - but we haven't stepped up and said why, that Jesus is the center of our understanding and our interaction with each other.
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