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Wednesday, October 22, 2003
Wednesday. Middle of the week. Two days of work left. today and tomorrow. Leaving Friday for Marietta/ATL, Georgia for the Fall 2003 Cleansing Streams retreat. Coming back Saturday evening - and my family will already be here waiting. Life's getting good.

I stayed home yesterday - nasty headache, congestion, sinus trouble made it hard to sleep the night before - not to mention the dawg wanting to go out and chase bunnies or something all night. I worked from home - intending to take lots of naps and drink lots of fluids and pop lots of tylenol, but instead I stayed hooked up in front of my laptop in the kitchen all day. I did get alot done so that today won't be a hassle, but it was last night before I got a decent amount of sleep.

And now I'm posting before heading out the door to meet Scott @ Starbucks. We're beginning another book study - this time, it's a book of the OT, Ezekiel. Chapter one starts off with visions of creatures that look like men, with heads that have four faces, and wings, and wheels within wheels... I would've been the smart aleck prophet: "They look like men... no wait, my bad - I don't know anyone who looks like that!"
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