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Tuesday, October 28, 2003
Well, I think I did okay on last night's midterm. I haven't double-checked the study notes I posted below, but they weren't exhaustive anyway. I left a few other lists off, but I had them enough for recall during the exam. Whew.

It's a funny thing to be talking about evangelism more than doing it. I want to apply the principles we're learning, but at the same time I have misgivings about using methods and techniques that seem to come up short. Having an agenda - that bothers me, seems like we're shutting ourselves off from God be grabbing onto a get-'em-saved-close-the-deal mentality. That's not part of this class' presentation, but it is - did that make sense? There's no talk yet on making disciples, no talk on the after effects of being convicted of breaking the Law and intentionally repenting of our sin. Of the 10 videos we've watched, I've been genuinely challenged by maybe two of them - the rest have been re-hash of his original ideas, and lame jokes. There, I said it :) - I can't stand the joking that goes on in these videos. For me, if I've got to resort to humor to drive the point home every time, then I've got to re-evalute my message or my audience. Humor has its place, but I'm working on getting the sarcasm down to the bare minimum, and this speaker is using it whenever and wherever it suits him.

Enough of that. I don't dislike the guy, just the arrogance of this approach. And that's just me. I still need to share Jesus with people, still need to "use the Law properly" (1 Tim 1:8), still need to grow true converts and get false ones saved. I understand that, and I'm challenged to do it - however it happens - in a way that's still got integrity and is still open to the move of the Spirit.
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