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Monday, November 24, 2003
Columbia is turning into quite the little coffeeshop mecca. Not only has Starbucks finally opened two count 'em two shops, but there are also a couple of drive-up chains popping up all over the place to compete with the local establishments. I'm not here to quibble over the big-corporate vs. local homegrown stuff - I just know what's convenient, what's cheap enough, and what tastes good.

I'll do my best to rank hree new coffee neighbors:
  • Beans! - I stopped at the kiosk in Landmark Square on the way home. Disappointing. The caramel latte' wasn't all that, and it was a little more expensive than Starbucks. Nice logo, but that's about it.
  • Mountain Mudd - another kiosk right down Garners Ferry Blvd from Beans!. It's biggest attraction for me: open Sunday mornings for drive-thru. I like it ok on taste, and their caramel version is comparable in price to the macchiato. Only a block or two apart, I'll choose MM of B!.
  • Starbucks - Hands down best coffee and best coffee experience of the three. There might be better stuff in Columbia at the local shops - but for convenience in location and even price, this is it for me.
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