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Saturday, November 08, 2003
Finally got to see MATRIX:REVOLUTIONS tonight. What did I think?

It sucked.

Ok, now that it's out of my system :)... really, it wasn't that bad. But the action sequences were too long and too all over the place. Maybe it's because I was at the 10:30p showing after dealing with a stuffed sinus thingie all day. But what little dialogue there was didn't amount to anything memorable. So while I think it did a decent job wrapping up the story, I think they stretched it one movie too far. As I went back earlier and tried to catch the dialogue in the second movie, I found that that one's action sequences were also too long. Now I find out that the dialogue I was hoping to follow wasn't worth following all that much.

Neo as Messiah? Maybe - but don't sell the farm to get this thing packaged neatly for this week's Sunday School lesson. In the world onscreen, peace is a "choice", which might actually preach well out of Joshua 24:15. But methinks we sunk too much in the symbolic nature of things - this was just a movie, just a good story that ran out of plot somewhere in the middle of the second flick.

Will I go see it again? Maybe at IMAX in Charleston - that would be cool. Otherwise, I don't think my wife will be interested much.

Will I own the DVD? Oh yeah.

It didn't suck. Just sorta sucked. If I can get some sleep and get rid of this headache, it might be even better.
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