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Thursday, November 27, 2003
What am I thankful for? This week, I'm more thankful than I've been in a long time for a long weekend. No kidding - it's been a long few months at work, at church and at home, and having a five-day break from work and church, spending that time at home for the most part - aaaaahh. It's wonderful.

When we think of being thankful, we of course think of family - my wife and children, my 'rents and in-laws, my brother and his wife, extended family and friends. We think of our church - Pastor and his extended family, good friends who've been ministering together for years, new faces getting excited about life in Christ. We think of our nation, where we hope to stand for truth, for peace and for Jesus in the midst of cultural intrusions. And we think of Jesus - thankful for salvation, for grace, for healing and comfort.

But what else are we thankful for? Real thanksgiving, I'm coming to find, is all-inclusive. I'm not really thankful unless I also appreciate troubles in my life. Storms and trials have popped up, tools of testing in my life; and I'm thankful that God sees fit to test me, sees fit to show me where I'm at in this journey. It's not about passing or failing. It's about moving forward, growing in Christ-likeness. I'm thankful that there's more to salvation than just being saved from hell. I'm grateful for having something to live for now, not just something to die for later.

Thanks for reading.
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