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Tuesday, November 04, 2003
I am so ready for winter. I'm a fairly hot-natured fellow, and I sweat for much of the year. But in the wintertime, I get to wear sweaters and mock turtles and sweatshirts. Rarely do I need a jacket - I just get to enjoy the layered clothes and the chilly breezes. I like a fire in the fireplace, coffee in the big mug beside me, soup in a bowl, and barefeet. Woo hoo.

But it's taking its own sweet time getting into autumn around here. We've still got temperatures in the 80s during the day, not even hitting 60 at night this week. I think one of the reasons we've had so much trouble with sinuses and sore throats in our house is the 50 degree mornings and 85 degree afternoons. And even with a little cloudcover and the threat of rain later today, it's already 73 outside, 92% humidity. Not a dry heat here. Last year about this time I traveled to Miami to install the system at the customer site. I'm thankful for our weather in comparison. When I flew out of Columbia that day, it was 50. When I changed planes at ATL, it was 50. But when I got off the plane in Miami - woosh - humidity and 80 degrees. Not a dry heat there, either.

I'm dreamin' of a white christmas...
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