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Thursday, November 13, 2003
I often wonder what it does to God when we argue or disobey or generally disrespect Him.

It happens to me - my kids will ask something and I'll say no and it'll turn into a whine-fest, first them and then me. Last night I lost it - they knew Daddy had lost his cool, and they behaved pretty much after that. I got really quiet - I was hurt, my feelings were hurt, my heart ached. So I clammed up, and when they were actually listening, we talked about how Mommy and Daddy try to help each other have good days, not always looking for something to argue about or to hurt someone else. Mornings are hectic, too - can't we all try to help the other three people living in our house to have a great morning? That's our daily plea...

And yet, God's mercy is new every morning. His kind of love doesn't keep a record of wrongs. the newness of His mercy is probably as refreshing for Him as it is for me. But I don't do that for the kids - I don't let it go enough to be merciful, and it escalates in a way that I can probably stop, but won't let got of it soon enough. Or something like that.

Aah. Parenting is fun, huh?
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