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Wednesday, November 05, 2003
MATRIX:REVOLUTIONS. Tonight. Hopefully:
  • I'll see it tonite
  • it won't suck
  • it'll have a plot

    I've been re-watching MATRIX:RELOADED this week, and all I've really discovered is that it's really nice to have the DVD so I can skip over the completely unnecessary rave/"love" scene, and that the action sequences - while spectacular in scope - are incredibly too long. I wanted to watch the movie to catch up on the dialogue. I'm still trying to skip through stuff, make sure I don't miss anything, and be ready for the third movie tonite.

    With all the christians who jumped on the religious aspects in the first one, I think they've all fallen off the bandwagon - except for us hardcore cynics who actually enjoyed the story. Tonight, with a couple of lattes and a big bottle of Aquafina, it'll be over - for better or worse. I'm going in with low expectations, hoping to blown away.

    p.s. - anyone who enjoyed the story, THE ANIMATRIX fills in alot of gaps... good story drives people, not special effects... we can go to church is we don't want a good story, only filler action, right?

    UPDATE: Well, not tonight. Sold out before I could get tix online. Wait for weekend review - woo hoo.
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