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Sunday, November 09, 2003
Someone asked me a couple of weeks ago, "How do you observe the Sabbath?" Here it is, Sunday afternoon, where I'm watching a little football and I'm about to crank up my laptop to get some work done. Sunday - the western Sabbath - isn't much of a day of rest. I'm not the senior pastor at church, but I do have my jobs and responsibilities. That, coupled with often needing to take care of this or that, makes it hard to have what I'd think of as "a day of rest."

So my Sabbath tends to be Saturday. Or, more jewish-ly, Friday sundown to Saturday sundown. I'm serious - I get to actually "rest" from the time I leave work Friday to about the time the afternoon is over Saturdays. This weekend, we had a men's conference at church. Good stuff - meaningful and challenging. I'm not big on targetted stuff like that, but I wouldn't have missed it for anything. So, since I had a "sabbath" of sorts yesterday, I get to "work" today.

I don't mind really. I like to get a jump on the upcoming week, check weekend email, make sure I've got things lined up, etc. I want to be productive this week; I actually want my work habits and throughput to be a witness/testimony of Christ at work in me. I want people to see something different, in a way that draws them to Christ.

So, I'm getting off the PC - just wanted to post something besides a news report or movie review. And I wanted to have the accountability out there to anyone who reads: Yes, keep the sabbath, and yes, do your work as for the Lord.
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