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Friday, November 21, 2003
Weekends are usually not very big deals for me - other than not having to go to work Saturday, they're just like most other days of the week. Not this time - I'm glad it's Friday, and genuinely thanking God for a weekend. Then I'm working only Monday and Tuesday of next week before enjoying a long 5-day weekend with the family for Thanksgiving.

It's going to be busy. This is not the usual lazy Saturday. With the play done tonight (my wife's the drama teacher, so the semester play is major in our house), we'll finally have to deal with laundry and the vacuum and such. But we're going to have fun, too - I'm planning on playing basketball with Trace tomorrow morning before it gets too warm. It's the first real sport he's shown an interest in - "I think I like it better than video games" - so we've signed him up to play on a team at the rec center and everything. He needs to work on dribbling, bounce passes, and shooting overhand rather than granny shots. Other than that, he's super! But we'll have fun with that tomorrow morning.

In the evening, it's the yearly hate-your-brother-rivalry game in the state - the hopefully victorious South Carolina Gamecocks vs. Clemsux.... oops, I mean, Clemson. That'll be fun - as long as we win and the Tigers don't PUSH OFF AGAIN.

Sunday, we're chilling at my dad's house, eating something scrumptious from the smoker grill he got for his birthday while watching NFL football and figuring out how bad my wife is beating me in Fantasy Football. So like I said, it's just good to get a weekend right now, to spend with family and friends doing stuff that's a release rather than a burden. Other than that laundry thing, I suppose.
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