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Wednesday, November 19, 2003
Yahoo! Search Results for refuting cleansing streams ministries

I look through the tracking to see who's coming to this site, what they're searching on, how do they find me, etc. I saw this one just now - a search on "refuting cleansing streams ministries". I'm the top selection for that search, and no one else in the first page or two says anything that actually *refutes* the ministry. And I'm glad.

I've got my own detractions about Cleansing Streams - the big ones being that it's difficult to get too far into the training, timewise, and then if you do you're kinda tied to it for a long time. The other is that there's an emphasis on "the devil made me do it" that goes farther than I'd like. Repentance on our part for the stupid choices we've made is necessary, and that's covered, but it's also balanced a little too far for me with the demonic being responsible, too. Repent *and* renounce is the main thrust, and I'm really on board with that aspect of it.

All that to say - I think Cleansing Streams is wonderful, and that everyone, especially anyone trusted with leadership, should participate and get cleaned up. So I'm equally pleased that there aren't any horror stories out there - not like there is whenever you mention "deliverance" (the movie or the ministry).
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