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Saturday, December 06, 2003

A few years ago, our minivan was broken into - my backpack was taken. Other than the replaceable credit cards and checkbook that were in the pocket (I carried it everywhere - don't you?), my bible was in there, too, and a case of 64+ CDs. More than ever before, I felt violated - what was in that bag, more than the monetary sum of its parts, was "me" as much as I could be defined outside my body. I got over it - but that was hugely disappointing and hurtful for me at the time.

And it happened again last night. This time, it was my wife's car and her backpack (carries it as a purse - don't you?). This time, I don't think she "defines herself" by what was inside, but it's still a nutty and hurtful situation. Other than our digital camera, there wasn't much of value - if you don't count her credit cards, checkbook, and *her mom's* credit cards and stuff in there. So while she's driving to pick her mom up from the hospital (threw her hip out the other night, which is why her cards were in my wife's backpack), she's also got to start calling the bank for stop payments, the credit companies for help, etc.

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