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Tuesday, December 23, 2003
CNN.com - ROTK McKellen: One of the iconic figures of my lifetime - Dec. 22, 2003I totally agree. I finally got to see LORD OF THE RINGS: RETURN OF THE KING last night, and it was worth the wait. Worth the year between episodes, worth the extra DVD viewing time leading up to this, re-watching the first two installments. Worth the 3.5 hr viewing time (not quite worth all the dang *commercials*, though; those are really starting to bug me!)

I can agree with critics who downplay the sentimental and sappy dialogue - but I also feel that this is the place for it. In the midst of war, imminent death, laying your life and heart on the line for the good of a cause worth fighting for - that's the moment for valor-inducing speeches and famous last words. The scenery was lush and fruitful, and all the dark places were invaded with light as the king returned to his throne and as the small & foolish things of Middle-Earth won out in the end.

I look forward to re-reading the books. I'd read the first one and most of #2 when I was younger. Perhaps I can finish them this time, reading this summer with my son, passing on to him a love for adventure in film and in good books. This story will not be filmed again - it's now been done.
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