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Sunday, December 14, 2003
CNN.com - U.S. officials: Low-tech intelligence led troops to Saddam - Dec. 14, 2003

It's been one of those days: fairly quiet and relaxing on the homefront, and celebratory on the warfront. The first word I got of the capture of Saddam was sometime during this morning's bible study. It was in passing, overhearing another conversation, but I didn't have time to follow-up. Sunday mornings are about the anly time I don't tune into news at all, so when the word came as part of the morning's sermon that was the first real news I'd heard.

Pastor Carlos, filling in for Pastor Mike who's golfing and spectating on the West Coast, said it: We don't understand what it means to be liberated from an oppressive regime. As Christians, we've been given a gift of freedom - from the devil, from ourselves. But we probably spend too much time dabbling back into the "oppression" to really experience true release. And that's sad. The people of Iraq tonight are free in a way they haven't experienced for decades - and it's a freedom that will no doubt take new forms over the coming weeks, for better or for worse. But right now, they know freedom.

Do we?
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