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Wednesday, December 17, 2003
  • CNN.com - Enjoying the fellowship of the 'Rings' - Dec. 17, 2003

    It was special and for the next 12 hours I indulged my inner geek and allowed myself to be swept into a magical world where good and evil are clearly defined and there is a hero around every corner. / When it was all over, the audience roared its approval for the last time. Then, weary but thrilled, I walked to the parking lot and bid farewell to Middle-earth and to my fellow geeks.

    Sounds like my high school yearbook photos. Can't wait to entertain my inner geek this weekend.

  • CNN.com - Fugitive steer spared by slaughterhouse - Dec. 17, 2003

    "He put a face on food," she said. "Looking at hamburger meat wrapped in a cellophane package is not the same as looking at that face."

    Sounds like my high school yearbook photo. Anyway, I bet you see steaks on eBay within a week.
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