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Tuesday, December 09, 2003
I'm looking forward to seeing THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO JOHN, hopefully in the theaters but at least it's available on DVD now, too. I received the following advertising blurb in an email this afternoon:You know, this is the same thing that happens to me every year when I see CHRISTMAS VACATION again. This past weekend when it was on network TV, I noticed something that made me "giggle like a middle school girl" (my wife's description, not mine): just before "grace"/pledge of allegience in the Christmas family meal, everyone is putting their hands together to pray, except Eddie, who's doing his hands in the "look-in-the-church-see-all-the-people" thing.

Another scene, something I'd never noticed, is just before Clark opens his "bonus" check. He tells everyone he's going to put in a pool, and then if there's enough left over he's flying everyone in to christen it. The daughter is really happy about the pool, but starts to shake her head and pout when hearing that *everyone* is coming back again.

What a riot. But I digress...
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