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Friday, December 19, 2003
It's sleepover night at our house. There are three. little. kindergarten. girls. spending the night in my house. One of them belongs to me. The others add exponentially to the giggle/loudness factor of our home. It's after 10:30p, and I'm not sure if the current lull is because they're really tired, or if they're really just recharging for another run.

I'm heading to Hickory, NC tomorrow morning - my aunt's father passed away this week, and I'm riding with my parents to attend the funeral. I know I'm not the only one who dislikes funerals, especially when I don't know anyone. But it's not something you attend selfishly, is it? I mean, if it's a friend or family member, you go for some kind of closure. If it's a friend's loss - you go to be supportive. I don't mind, really - and I'm actually honored to be able to go.

Right now, I'm just hoping we can get to bed before midnight with some level of sanity remaining in the house, you know? Anything else tomorrow can take care of itself after a good night's sleep. Of course, it'll be my wife who'll need the extra sleep - I sleep way too hard to be bothered by giggling girls and their hijinks. But we'll make it through tonight and tomorrow and the rest of the busy weekend.

UPDATE 11:00pm: how did we get from almost asleep to all. three. little. girls. standing and clapping and dancing?
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