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Tuesday, December 16, 2003
I've got a "Tuesday Three" on the 1J13 Email List, and the questions this week are right up there in the ho ho ho spirit of things. If you're joining in, let us know in the comments - either your URL or your responses:

1) What's your favorite Christmas song? Include a verse or two.
Carol Of The Bells (instrumental versions are best) - I've got a dozen or so different covers/arrangements, but favorite is done with guitar on Stephen Curtis Chapman's Christmas CD

2) What's your favorite Christmas movie? Include a quote/scene.
A CHRISTMAS STORY - little brother, bundled up for winter weather, falls down: "I can't get up! I can't get up! Ralphieeeeeee! I can't get up!"
** Honorable Mentions: CHRISTMAS VACATION and DIE HARD

3) What's your favorite Christmas special? Include a quote/scene.
Claymation Christmas - the camels doing jazzed-up "We Three Kings" is classic, as well as the Walruses figure skating with the penguins, and the goofy bell and Quasimodo on "Carol Of The Bells"
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