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Wednesday, December 17, 2003
Just over a week left before Christmas, and I've still got a decent bit of shopping to do. I'm taking it upon myself to help the kids shop for each other, and then there's a couple of items I didn't order for my wife that I need to pick up at the mall. There's a little girl sleepover at my house this Friday - oh joy - so my son and I will do manly things after his basketball game: probably a rack of ribs and shopping for the mom & sister.

Really looking forward to taking off for the holidays. I'm working tomorrow and next Mon/Tue, and the rest of the time I'm sleeping-late-thank-you-very-much. Bowl Season has started, so there's plenty of football to go around, and I've already mentioned to shopping. I need to get to Starbucks for some more Christmas blend - wondering if I should go ahead and stock up, or wait for an after-christmas sale that might never come.

Not a bad day today. Finally getting chilly outside... Not a very verbose day either.
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