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Wednesday, December 31, 2003
The last day of 2003. Whew.

In my last entry of 2002, I was blogging from work after a very busy December. I haven't been on the road as much this season, but it has been a busy year. I've enjoyed the time off right now - worked last Tuesday 12/23 and I'm still out 'til Monday 01/05 - but we're spending the time that we're not getting over colds and sore throats doing alot of cleaning up around the house and such... Ok, my wife is doing alot of cleaning, but it's wearing me out just watching.

We're going to be fairly busy today I hope. Getting out of the house to run errands, taking my daughter to the doctor for her sore throat, stopping at Starbucks for a reload of Christmas Blend before it goes away, picking up an HD-converter for our new TV - woo hoo. We might check to see if friends have plans tonite or not - invite them over to play games, let the kids run around, toast in the new year. I just enjoy being out of the office and spending time together. I'm sure I'll look forward to being in the office next week - a vacation away from our vacation - but for now, I'm glad it's just Wednesday.
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