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Monday, December 29, 2003
Man. Nothing like a deep body cold to take away blogging time, huh? I won't call it "flu" - don't want to add to the media frenzy that wants an epidemic so bad. Let's just say that after about 15 hrs of sleep, I feel a little better. My headache's mostly gone, and the nausea has subsided. Just tired all over, body ache kinda thing still lingering. But the worst is over. My wife is so good - let me sleep, let me recuperate, even though she's got her own head/stomach cold thing going on. My turn if she needs to sleep today, but she's not up yet. She's supposed to be travelling to Asheville, NC, about three hours away, for a family funeral today. We'll see...

Good weekend, wrapping up Christmas. I think we're just glad the holiday is over. Now it's time to take down the tree and try to simply enjoy each other with this week off before everyone heads back to work & school next week.

Planning on doing some Top Ten Lists for 2003 this week (inspired by PoMoXian's list of Top Ten Stories of 2003 - good list there, too). I'll start later today - movies, books, events, etc. Would love some feedback, interaction on your blogs/sites, etc.
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