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Wednesday, December 10, 2003
My days are all screwed up this week. I stayed home sick Monday - headache from tension in back and sinuses in front on top of stomach mess - and studied for that final exam (got a 105, so a solid A for the Excellence In Evangelism course). Then Tuesday work and b-ball practice at night, today Wednesday with work and then the eKIDS Christmas Praise concert tonight, and tomorrow Thursday with work and then Thursday Evening stuff at CWO. It feels like Thursday, like a long week. But it also feels like Wednesday and there's so much week left. Whew. Doesn't make sense to me, either.

Physically, I'm just plain sore. Still have that crick in my neck - all day long - and now there's just a soreness in my left knee. That's my plant foot when I make my cuts, so I probably won't be able to start this weekend. Dang.

I'm teaching tomorrow night for Pastor Mike. Anyone in Columbia, SC - come on down @ 7pm. I'll post notes here sometime by the weekend, I'm sure - basically coming from the stance I did a few days ago on not buying myself something for Christmas. Not "the" Christmas story, but "my" Christmas story. Should be a hoot, huh?
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