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Wednesday, December 24, 2003
Well, we're heading to bed a little earlier than last year. It's another good Christmas at the family homestead. I really enjoy the shopping, the family time, the smiles and "oh boy, this is the best Christmas ever" that escapes time to time from our children's mouths. Tomorrow morning, the goal is to sleep in late - that is, until at least 5am; anything later is a true gift. We're going to start upstairs, before coming down to presents and coffee (well, coffee might at least get turned on first, right?), by reading the Christmas story together. I've got it mapped out - first, Trace can read the passage from Isaiah 9, and then Cammi can read from Luke 2. Then I'll read from Revelation 1, all done from The Message. One of the things that's been going through my meditations: Christmas is much more than Santa and giving. Christmas gives room and place for Santa, not vice versa.

Then - presents. Woo hoo.

Merry Christmas, y'all
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