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Monday, January 12, 2004
Another Monday. Another week. It was pretty restful over the weekend - but I had a nutty day yesterday. I didn't sleep worth anything Saturday night, and spent yesterday in a physical fog, just feeling sleepy and lousy all over. Slept better last night, but still dealing with the body aches, so I'm working from the kitchen table at home - woo hoo. It's not bad - nothing on daytime tv, so you get a good bit of tedious work done, stuff you can do alone without distraction, interruption or meetings. I just hope we can get our stuff together tonight to get the kids in bed on time, get us big kid adults to bed a little early again, and wake up tomorrow ready to go out into the world, instead of feeling like folding it all and crawling back under the covers.

I'll post more later. My son is coming up with a list of 100 things for the 100th day of school. Cool project. I told him to pick ten favorite shows and then pick ten favorite episodes. He's a Nicktoon-geek - proudly knows all the episode names, plots, etc, so this is right up his alley. Something geeky? Here? Yeah - might be a little different, huh?
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