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Wednesday, January 21, 2004
As I read back through posts of the past few months, I find that I've been remiss. I've left out so much of my life by not mentioning more how much my wife means to me. She takes so much of the burden - being married to me is probably enough, but she seems to enjoy it (most of the time). We share the work, but I find myself marvelling at how much she does to make sure we're surviving. People talk about "deserving" each other - I don't deserve the gracious gift from God that is my lovely wife, and she's not been nearly so bad as to "deserve" what comes with having me and my dirty clothes around the house.

But we manage. Most of the time, she "gets" me - she understands when no one else does, and she sees when even I'm blind to the obvious. She encourages me more than she knows - and when I disappoint her, it's like making nature cry.

I just feel so incredibly blessed to be able to share life with my best friend, knowing that I've got room to make mistakes and room to succeed.

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