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Tuesday, January 27, 2004
Continuing MEME WEEK here at 1J13, I want to try my hand at Tuesday Twosome - Super Bowl Week:

1. Patriots or Panthers?
Panthers - am I going to say anything else with this blog scheme?!?

2. If you could get in, name two celebrities you would want to run into at the Playboy Party.
Franklin Graham and Len Sweet - I'd ask who they've been witnessing to, too.

3. Would you throw a party at your house or go to a bar to watch the game?
Got HDtv here - party at my house. And Franklin Graham & Len Sweet are invited, too.

4. Which is more appealing, Beyonce singing the National anthem or J@net J@ckson performing the halftime show?
most "appealing" - flipping the channels, looking for all the super bowl ads running on competing networks
*UPDATE 02/02: at least Beyonce kept her clothes on!!!

5. Jake Delhomme or Tom Brady?
Jake - and really, just hoping for a great game.
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