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Friday, January 02, 2004
Did I say anywhere that I wanted to take it easy and re-prioritize in 2004? Please say I said something like, "I'm going to say no and get involved in fewer things next year" - or something like that.

No? Oh well.

I've started two "new" books already. For the ZBA book reading list, we're reading Thomas A' Kempis' IMITATION OF CHRIST - fairly meaty one there, huh? And for the NKOC list, we're reading another of McLaren's books, MORE READY THAN YOU REALIZE. I haven't read IMITATION before, and I'm looking forward to the discussion. I read MRTYR when it first came out, and I'm curious how it'll go over in the NKOC group - "evangelism" isn't something you talk about much in the philosphical contexts of "postmodern christianity."

Also on the not-slacking-off-now list, we're going to meet as a pastoral staff Sunday afternoon to discuss future changes and direction at CWO. And I'm going to spend time tonight and tomorrow deciding what the next series will be for the Sunday morning LifeTRAINING study time. Probably get some help from my sweetie and pastor and his wife tonight, while we're over at their house playing HEAR ME OUT.

Tomorrow, we'll take down the Christmas tree, finish the laundry, and have the 'rents over for the playoff games. Sunday is Sunday, full schedule and then some. And Monday - back to work. Maybe I can rest & take it easy next year ...?
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