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Saturday, January 17, 2004
For a Saturday, I sure do have too many rambling thoughts going on in here:

  • Who Would Jesus Elect? - I surfed through this post to several articles beyond, and I just can't get past my gut feeling that Jesus wouldn't care beyond the whole sovereignty of God issue.

  • "Slam" on the Emerging Church - After reading the posts linked and the comments made, I think folks made a prette decent assessment of some of the problems. My only concern is the number of people writing off the new things without diving into them - it's all still in process, and "progress" will be hard to define in ways that have been meaningful up to now. Instead of passing judgment on a work-in-progress, why can't more people get involved in the deconstruction/reconstruction that's going on?

  • "Passion" and the Sales Pitch - If anything's pulling me in conflicting ways right now, it's this set of posts/comments. If the story is any good, if the film is any good, then the "evangelism" might take care of itself without the christian culture saturating everything with marketing/media packages.

    Well - enough thinking. I'm going to just watch college basketball - I'd rather yell at the TV and the refs anyway.
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