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Thursday, January 01, 2004
Happy New Year, y'all.

Pretty uneventful, but fun, evening last night. We let the kids stay up and watch Nickelodeon's Pick Boy special - woo hoo - while we watched the bowl games downstairs. I got the HDTV stuff hooked up just in time for the big games, and we're expecting the 'rents over this afternoon around 1:00p with chips and dips and cheeseballs.

My most memorable New Year's? I think it was the one before our son was born - maybe earlier than that. We were supposed to meet my wife's friend and her husband (were they married yet? don't remember) at the airport, picking them up and driving them across town to her dad's house. The plane kept getting delayed - so we spent most of New Year's waiting in the terminal - yee ha. When they finally landed, we drove across town - and stopped before going around the big downtown celebration to watch the fireworks. Huge, thick fog that night - ever seen fireworks in the fog? Way cool. Not a bad New Year's, since I always enjoy waiting around airports with my wife, and the fog explosions were pretty awesome.
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