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Tuesday, January 13, 2004
Made some changes here at 1J13 Central. I wanted to keep my reading list this year on the blog, and it seemed simpler in style to make a column on the right to match the one on the left, and then it made sense to move some of the scroll-down stuff over to the righthand column, too. So my books and my blog links will show up on the right, and everything else will appear on the left. Also, I'm toying with posting reviews of the books, maybe listing them with one-to-five stars or something in the list to the right. I'll see if it looks good without having to widen that column too much.

Also, the Panther motif will stay up until they lose - which will probably be this weekend to the Eagles, but hey, one can dream. Or if they win the Super Bowl (again, one can dream), it'll stay up an appropriate celebratory time before being replaced by the Gamecock garnet and black - woo hoo.
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