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Saturday, January 31, 2004
Our Saturday addition to MEME WEEK comes from fragment | a writing meme. Three sentence fragments have been posted to stir the creative juices - woo hoo.

  • the moment when he
  • back to the car
  • nothing wrong with


    I thought back to the moment when he rammed the pontoon boat into the dock. We had been having such a happy and carefree day up to that point - lots of sun, lots of diet cokes, lots of chafing from water-tubing on the lake. All day, whether just soaking in the breezes and floating on the fairly calm surface of Lake Murray, or jamming the throttle to full speed (not all that on a pontoon, but still) and cutting off waveriders, I thought we'd been having fun. All the while, he was seething - getting more and more angry just under the surface. While I'd thought there was nothing wrong with putting my coke on the deck without a coaster, he was evidently alot more anal than I'd been led to believe over the course of our five-year friendship. But when I picked up my can and found that it had left a ring - it was like the bomb went off. He pushed the throttle forward, hit the dock, through four of the six of us out of the boat and into the shallows - and just started yelling. It was that deep, guttural Howard-Dean-yell, from some inner reservoir of anger that needed some release. Then, he turned off the boat, took out the key, flung it into the algae grass growing on the other side of the inlet, and calmly walked back to the car.
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