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Friday, January 09, 2004
The weather outside is nuts, and I'm blaming the weather guys here in town. It does me absolutely no good to have snow on Friday nights or Saturady mornings - that's about 24 hrs too late to be of any real stay-home-from-work benefit to me. So right now, it's just cold and rainy. Later on it's supposed to switch to snow and we might get a "dusting of flurries" but it won't be that bad - and I won't get a snow day. If anything, bad weather would make us have to stay at home tomorrow - something we were mostly planning on anyway, dang it.

On top of that, I've got a headache and I feel lousy. My hands are chilled and my head feels warm, though I'm probably not running a fever. I could lay down on a nice cool pillow and sleep, if only I didn't have a conference call in about five minutes, and if I could find a couch with a nice cool pillow somewhere here at work. We've got a ballgame tonite, and after that friends are coming over to eat soup, play games and wrestle kids.

So it's a full day - just wish it had snowed already. I could already be out on that nice cool pillow in our bedroom, instead of in my cubicle feeling blaah. Other than that though, life's good.
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