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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

The Gamecocks lost, and my wife & I are heartbroken. While Blake was dancing for joy - or whatever they do in Mississippi to celebrate - we had to sit through the game plus overtime, walk to our car in the rain after blowing a twelve-point lead, and then slog through nasty traffic before finally getting home around 10:45p (we'd told the babysitter, "sometime between 9:30p and 10p" - yeah, right).

I was ready to beat the traffic out of there when we had the big lead. But faster than we could decide what to do, it vanished. Bowers hit a 3-pointer to tie it up, and we had nothing for the last seven seconds of regulation. In overtime, we could not hit a free throw to save Coach Odom - and we lost.

Good game, just ran out of gas.

Here's a photo of Blake celebrating:

So now I've got an M. State logo at the top of my blog until USC wins again, which will hopefully be this weekend against Vanderbilt. Any Commodore fans want to make a bet?
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